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Second Floor
Second Floor 5/16
Porch Posts
Porch Posts are In 5/21
May 24
2nd Story Walls 5/24

Outside Walls Up 5/25

Porch Trusses 6/5

More Trusses 6/6

Trusses Multiply 6/7

Roof Sheeting Begins 6/8

Sheeting Continues 6/20

Sheeting Almost Done 6/25

Sheeting Finished 6/28

Roof & Windows Done 7/19

Siding Begins 8/10

Siding Finished 10/10

Snow 11/28

I have finally found time to update these pages. There have been so many decisions to make!! We have been told that we should be able to move in the first of December. This week (Nov 5-9) should see the kitchen countertops go in and finishing and plumbing work to continue. The exterior house painting should continue inbetween rainy days, if Shirley can quit changing her mind about the appropriate shade of yellow! There should also be some earth moving out front to begin the landscaping and driveway areas. Would love to hear from everyone, so email me!!

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View You will find 2 pictures each of our kitchen and guest bath here.
View Various Pictures in & Around the House (3 Pictures)

This page last updated Nov 28, 2001