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Check out our second gallery for the second story progress
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our lot
Our lot 10/31/99
Leveling 4/2/01
digging perimeter
Digging perimeter 4/2/01
beginning forms
Beginning forms 4/4/01
base forms
Base forms 4/8/01
forms complete
Forms complete 4/11/01
fottings poured
Footings poured 4/13/01
forms removed
Forms removed 4/18/01
floor joists
Floor joists 4/23/01
floor decking
Floor decking 4/24/01
walls framed
Walls framed 4/26/01
walls up
Walls up 4/27/01
more walls up
More walls up 4/29/01
may 1
Outside walls 5/1/01
may 1
All outer walls 5/2/01
garage framed
Garage framed

new photos 1Photos taken Tuesday, May 15 (Stairway and Cocoa)
new photos 2Photos taken on Thursday, May 24 (Second story walls going up.)Warning --- 5 pictures!
new photos photos 3Photos taken on May 25

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