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house icon Our dream house is finished. We broke ground on March 28, 2001 and moved in the week before Christmas. Click on the "House Construction" button above or the house picture to the left to be taken to an index page where you can choose to view the first set of construction pictures by date.
Visit the 2nd gallery of pictures as the house construction is finished.
***The last 3 construction pictures and a photo of our last spring snow can be viewed here.*** 
Click here to see 4 interior photos of the kitchen & dining room 
Click here to see 4 interior photos of the living room & craft room 
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My virtual kitchen is on the back burner at the moment i.e. it's still under construction like everything else right now. 
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Can't wait to work on this area of my site i.e. it's a dead link for the present also!

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This page last updated April 5, 2002